Sunday, February 05, 2006

Feeble Effort

I’ve struggled to work all week but, my word, I have felt rather poorly and feeble and unable to attend to my weblog duties. I thought I had better explain myself. I’m a touch better today but not out of the woods yet. I even missed Acoustica on Friday which was a real shame.

I have watched a fair bit of the rugby this weekend. The England win against Wales was bullying and pragmatic but a reasonably complete performance. However I have to confess that I kept on furtively flicking over to the soccer on the other side. The African Cup of Nations has subtly cast its exotic net and wheeled me in. The penalty shoot-out between Ivory Coast and Cameroon was incredibly exciting: two-and-twenty consecutive successful penalties. The finest oval ball action of the weekend was at Murrayfield where a rejuvenated Scotland played some majestic stuff against a subdued French team to end up 20-16 winners.

I’m keeping an eye on this thread on the Gloucester message board which is discussing an allegedly racist shout that emanated from The Shed during last weekend’s match. I was pretty near to this incident. I didn’t witness who shouted out a rather pathetic Love Thy Neighbour style attempt at humour but I have my suspicions that it might be a rather boorish large fellow whom I’ve stood behind a few times this season. I’ll be watching him like a ruddy hawk from now on.

I've enjoyed one or two very pleasant lunchtime meals at The Guildhall recently and, having checked out the cafe-bar's website, think I shall be returning for more fare soon. The family sat by the bar is particularly stylish and very much 'my types'. The guy in foppish scarfly attire reading a daily journal just exudes a certain je ne sais quoi.

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