Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bed Early Tonight

I haven’t recovered from Sunday yet. C stayed over on the Saturday night and watched Eurovision with the Coles – for the irony, of course – and we were ‘up with the partridge’ the next morning to drive to S’s by eightish. I finally arrived home past midnight but, still buzzing from the day’s events, I didn’t retire until one and, even then, couldn’t sleep. I am paying for it today. I am completely shattered and looking fondly towards next week and a rest.

I am grateful to S for the CDs he presented me with on Sunday. I know the Shack and Strands recordings he presented for me well having played them to death on tape but I look forward to chucking them on my MP3 player so I am fully Shacked-up. Note to S: I wouldn’t mind HMS Fable somewhen. I’m looking forward to playing The Kinks’ The Village Green Preservation Society as I’m ever up for a bit of English whimsy while I downloaded the Jim Noir album last night too and am keen to listen to his jangle-tinged, sunny pop soon too. Lots to look forward to on the aural front.

As promised I have now posted some documentary evidence of Sunday’s movements.

Here are some captions:

Top – Shack on stage

Middle – Gloucester Supporters

Bottom – Victory

If you click on them they will magically and inexplicably grow before your very eyes. Cosmic...

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