Saturday, May 06, 2006


Martin Stephenson proved the engaging and delightful performer I had anticipated. The last time I had seen him live was back in 1991 at the wonderful Sheffield Leadmill with the energetic Daintees and not a lot had changed. The voice was plaintive and charged, the guitar playing was bewitching and the banter, as ever, was cheery, witty and relentless. I enjoyed his company. Here is a performer who fully connects with his audience on a quite personal level and is to be lauded for not ‘chasing the yankee dollar’ and preferring the more intimate settings like last night’s Acoustica. I look forward to seeing him again.

I bought a copy of Stephenson’s ‘The Church and the Minidisc’ (from the gentleman himself) after the show and played half of it this morning. It is defiantly lo-fi but I already admire its political edge coupled with a gentle folk leaning.

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