Thursday, May 11, 2006

Grant McLennan

Not had much time to attend to blogger duties over the last day or so. However I must record my deep sadness at the death of Grant McLennan. The Go-Between died in his sleep at the weekend. I so admire that band and, with three gorgeous comeback albums hoisting them back into my consciousness in recent years, I was primed for more wonderful music from this most articulate, literate, melodic outfit. It is not to be. I’m very thankful that S and I got to see them last year. What a treat that concert was. What a shock that it is all over and there'll be no more concerts, no more albums. Here is an Australian obituary and the one from Monday’s Guardian. I think at the weekend I’ll chuck on Oceans Apart or Liberty Belle and raise a glass to the fellow.

I recall a schoolboy coming home
through fields of cane
to a house of tin and timber
and in the sky
a rain of falling cinders

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