Saturday, May 20, 2006

Future Conversations With Mefin Davies

I have made a compilation CD to play in S’s car tomorrow as he, C and I head towards London and Gloucester’s date with (second tier) European destiny. It is a mixture of old classics and a few newer songs but thematically it is upbeat and tuneful with a few sing-along favourites to help the journey whizz by. I can almost hear the cries of, ‘What did you put that on for?’ already but I shall stoically stand by my decisions. The first track is the only song I know to include – and fairly unselfconsciously, it has to be said - the word ‘sericulture’ within its lyrics. It’s a belter.

I didn’t wave but I watched the Gloucester players leaving Kingsholm earlier this afternoon. I must add that this was a coincidence that I happened to come upon ‘the lads’ as I was strolling down the Kingsholm Road to return to my car after a visit to our friendly neighbourhood bank. I wasn’t just hanging about like a loser. A tardy Mefin Davies trotted past me and I noted that he has the same Creative MP3 player as me. This warmed me. Perhaps I can approach him at the Open Day and talk about it with him? I shall weigh the whole concept up between now and August. I can think of worse ice-breakers.

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