Tuesday, May 09, 2006

English Chelsea fan this is your last game (Hey!)/We're not Galatasary We're Sparta F.C. (Hey!)

The doughty BBC uses some splendid music on its television programmes. I like this page which answers viewers’ enquiries about what song or other was being played over Match of the Day clips. Of course The Fall’s Theme From Sparta F.C. remains the theme for Final Score despite its slightly aggressive lyrics and a vaguely sinister reference to Chelsea fans. The reason for this mention of the BBC and its choice of clips is that Top Gear, a show I used to loathe with a genuine passion but, thanks to my son, now rather enjoy, used Kalpol Introl by Autechre from the Inculabula album. I was quite shocked but, at the same time, heartened. I had never associated Jeremy Clarkson with sparse and obtuse electronic tinkerings from the Warp label but I suppose there is a first time for everything.

I made a right hash of this today. I have NO idea why this writing is so small! The fonts over the last few days don't match either. Heck.

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