Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Google Searches

This sounds a bit sad but I have the ability, via my Statcounter subscription, to discover precisely how kindly visitors to these pages actually found their way here. Obviously there a number of ‘regulars’ who have stored the URL in their ‘favourites’ list and a few people find this blog via a link from another blog (usually Partly Porpoise actually). What I find really rather interesting is the manner in which some folk discover this site from a google search. Here are a few searches from just the past three or four days:

‘allen lamb morgan rugby’ Somebody with taste.
‘john gadd gloucester’ Somebody with even finer taste!
‘mcaloon megahertz’ Eager Prefab Sprout fan.
‘mumbles youth calvisano’ I believe Mumbles is in Wales but they found me mumbling about something or other.
‘martin cole gloucester’ Touchingly personal (and from someone in the United States too) and nice use of ‘gloucester’ just to make sure.
‘secret machines bring their’ Obscure wording!

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