Friday, April 08, 2005

Cookie Monster

I tried to post yesterday but Blogger wouldn't load, the awkward little scamp. Something to do with cookies which needed deleting. I rarely, if ever, eat biscuits over the computer but shall be more careful in future.

All eyes are on the General Election and I am studying the opinion polls avidly and feeling tangible nerves about May 5th. Part of me enjoys and relishes the build-up and the news bulletins and the jousting. Most of me, however, realises just how crucial forthcoming events are, not just for me but for my kids. I have a fierce desire for them to grow up in a caring and just society and the poll in a few weeks means a great deal. The choices seem pretty clear-cut to me right now.

A less important battle is this Saturday’s Gloucester vs. Leeds clash. I haven’t seen any of Gloucester’s last four matches so am not able to comment on recent form. I was horrified to see Stuart Barnes (who scoffed) and Dewi Morris both tipping bottom club Leeds to defeat the city at Kingsholm this weekend. Surely with McRae and Simpson-Daniel returning we should have enough nous and skill to vanquish? At this point of the season I am merely hoping to sneak Heineken Cup qualification for next season and to avoid any Wildcard atrocities. A win on Saturday will prove crucial for this ambition and hopefully selection will reflect this. I demand that only players wanting to wear the shirt are given the chance to play.