Friday, April 15, 2005

Sound and Vision

The Guardian’s Alexis Petridis reviewed The Go-Betweens’ new album today and gave it five stars and an incredible write-up, full of praise and respect. If I were ever exiled and could choose the entire back catalogue of only one act, I would be tempted to take lots of Go-Betweens albums. Their songs are so melodically warm and lyrically are so knowing, intelligent and human. I can’t really believe I’m off to see them in Birmingham in a couple of weeks. This is a cool group. This is a cool group.

The Coles proceeded merrily to the Guildhall last night to view a cracking little film, Sideways. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the tale of two old college chums enjoying one last hurrah – one of them is due to marry - trailing through the golf courses, vineyards and eateries of California. The dialogue was fantastically written, the characters were well-rounded and believable and the plot managed to be both uproariously hilarious and tender and sad at the same time. I loved it. Even the notoriously uncomfortable Guildhall seats seemed less hard than normal.

I have neglected these pages for a day or two and that is because I have been busy doing stuff and, as a result of doing ‘other stuff’, been too tired to log on. Another day or two of neglect beckons as we are off to visit C, A and D in Manchester tonight.