Sunday, April 17, 2005


A busy weekend in Manchester has drawn to a close and despite falling asleep a couple of times in the car on the M6 I still crave my bed and a good night’s kip. The heady scenes in Chorlton's Iguana Bar have taken their toll and make no mistake.

I am reading two books at the moment. Vikram Seth’s An Equal Music isn’t exactly a bundle of laughs but it remains a tender novel, certainly moving and thought-provoking. I’ve nearly finished it and am glad to have tackled some serious non-fiction as I seem to have read mainly biographies, memoirs and diaries of late. I guess Stuart Maconie’s Cider With Roadies is part autobiography, part memoir and I have relished its easy wit and honest appraisal of cultural life in Britain during the 70s and 80s. As a result of the last few chapters I have, this evening, added some Northern Soul compilations, the first two Human League albums and some Josef K to my bulging – quality and quantity! – Amazon wishlist.