Saturday, April 09, 2005

Pop Quiz

S and I are entering unchartered waters this evening and trotting merrily to The Greyhound and entering their pop quiz. Naturally we go with hopes high and a slight swagger to our gait. We are bound to come unstuck as the questions won’t be about early Joy Division or Sonic Youth or Teenage Fanclub (although all pop quizzes should feature such acts and more besides) and we are bound to be slaughtered with some tosh about Beyonce or Aimee Mann or some other dreadful artiste. Still, you don’t win a raffle without buying a ticket. We shall have to think up a name for our team on the way. We normally call ourselves The Paygrove Puzzlers for the King Ted quiz but this is ever a last minute name and could be improved upon.

The rugby was dire today and I may write more tomorrow. I loved S2, passionate as ever, screaming at the Gloucester team, ‘Look me in the eye! Look over here!’ as the players sloped back next to us after another feebly conceded try. I admire his devotion to the cause.