Sunday, April 24, 2005

-ness x3

A combination of busyness, tiredness and illness (I spent most of yesterday in bed feeling ghastly) has kept me away from these pages. I blame ‘A Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’. It really was dire.

A tip came my way recently: The Saturday edition of the Financial Times was a cracking read, full of features not pertaining to fiscal issues and with plenty of Arts and Culture coverage. Verily, I dipped my toe in its pinky waters yesterday and enjoyed. It’s certainly a serious newspaper, very weighty but worth the effort. However, only one page of sport… My Saturday Guardian is one of the week’s treats for me and will remain my pick of the papers. Good to try something else though.

I heard some Junior Delgado on the wireless this morning, on Radio 5 Live of all places. The fellow died earlier this month but was a respected roots reggae musician with a thundering, almost anguished vocal delivery. I thought it sounded fantastic and I note that today’s Observer Music Monthly also sings the guy’s praises. I’ve added his retrospective Original Guerilla Music to my Amazon wish list.